Parker hydraulic trainer with feedback on cylinder and Hydraulic motor. With training manuals. Watch our YouTube https://youtu.be/9ZY7TIjAaFI 

Trainer can teach simple or general hydraulics or can be taken to the next level and teach proportional valve with feedback technology We added a accumulator with safety release • Operates on 115 volt AC • Plugs into standard 110 volt outlet • Standard industrial components • Familiarization with “real world” components • Rugged construction  • Vertical panel with to many controls to mention • Allows easy access to components • zero leak Quick hose disconnects • Facilitates faster circuit hook up; no tools required • 0-500 psi operation • 3000 psi (207 bar) rated components • Safe operating pressure • Hose storage rack • Safer operation, longer component life • Components panel mounted • Safe, convenient storage • Quiet operation •  Needle valve • Can simulate sound of cavitation • Parker filtration • Can simulate sound of aeration  • we will include separate manual valves and pilot actuated valves. We are also including a additional pump that is pressure compensated with the Parker fixed gear pump and an accumulator.  This unit originally cost over $40,000 when new, before we added additional necessary components.