Pneumatic - Completed

Picture may or may not be the one supplied, please call or email for the exact picture and details of trainer based on your needs. We have many different options available on our standard trainer to meet your budget. If you are not a school and would like an instructor to train your students with the trainer you buy, that can be arranged. (Email for Details)

General description: We use a variety of Mfg. products, such as Parker, SMC, PHD, CKD, ARO, and Bimba to mention a few. But we are not tied down to any one Mfg. Our Pneumatic trainer can simulate a multitude of circuits while giving access to built-in troubleshooting features. Trainers can come one-sided or double-sided. One side can accommodate up to 4 students or 8 students for 2 sides.


Our standard unit comes: Completely tested and assembled and includes these standard components:

  • Electrical Control Box includes all switches, relays, and 24 volt power supply
  • Rodless cylinder
  • 2 pcs. Double Rod cylinder
  • 2 pcs. Different sizes and shapes of Double acting cylinders
  • 1 pc. Cylinder with simulated load
  • 1 pc Spring return cylinder
  • Air motor
  • Linear slide cylinder
  • Finger grip cylinder
  • Rotary Actuator
  • 2 air limit switches
  • Large linear 2 post guided cylinder with brake
  • Swing cylinder
  • Flow meter with flow alert
  • Standard flow meter
  • 2-way solenoid valve
  • 2 manually operated directional valves
  • 3 bank of 24 volt 3 position solenoid operated Air valve
  • Air piloted Directional Valve
  • Foot operated 4-way valve
  • Double Piloted operated check valve
  • Lockout valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Filter / regulator / Lubricator
  • Air operated Ball valve
  • Vacuum generator
  • Shock absorber
  • 2 air distribution porting blocks
  • All fittings and 1/4:” tubing/ quick disconnects
  • 2 electrical limit switches

Not shown in picture are Quick exhausts, flow controls, needle valves. Check valves

Base prices by request.